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6/30/08 reset for July

Hey guys,

A quick note that the coupons you can print from here (left side & bottom of my page from should reset 7/1/08 for July. Usually the print limit on IPs are 2, so if you have seen the note that says you have reached print limit, check again in the morning, they should be reset!

CVS 6/30/08

Diet Pepsi 12 pack x 4 = $12.00

24 Pack Gold Emblem water = $2.99 (today is the last day at this price)

2 Schick Intuition 3 pack refills = $10.39 (was bogo)

4 Sure Deo = $11.56

1 CVS brand soap bars 2 pack = $2.49

1 Trident white gum = $1.19 (not pictured)

1 Cereal bar = .69 (not pictured)

Total = $41.36


$2 off any cvs skin care -2.00

2 BOGO Sure - 5.78

2 $4 off Intuition -8.00

1 $5.00 off 30.00 from email - 5.00

Spent .53 oop

Spent 20.00 ecb (from the soyjoy deal last week)

Made 3.00 ecb from the Pepsi

I was going to do the Coppertone deal but they did not have any of the sticks (the pink one for children) otherwise, I would have had another $10.00 ecb. But I'm not complaining!

Great Video

Here is the link to YMMV radio, it is a 6 minute video on how to cut all those coupons out! This is the method that I use & it saves SOOOOOO much time.

Did you guys get your papers yesterday?


Walmart Paid me to take this!!!

Powerade 32 oz x 4 = $2.40 (they were on sale @ .60 each)
Kraft 12 oz Singles x 3 = $7.50
Old Spice body wash-travel size x 3 = $2.91
Gillette body wash -travel size x 8 = $6.32
Kool-aid x 6 = $1.20
1 Candy (My son was with me!) = .58

Total = $20.91

8 x $1.00 off Gillette
3 x $1.00 off Old Spice
3 x Free cheese when you buy 2 Koolaids (from parade magazine)
4 x .75 off Powerade

Total = They paid me 0.59

It was a great Walmart day!!

Earn Rewards just for Searching!

It's true, thanks to Carrie over at Money Saving Methods, I signed up for mysearchbonus You can earn gas cards or gift cards, one of the cards is for Walgreens! yea!!!

Earn some extra cash with

Another way I earn a little extra cash is by searching for concert or event tickets for When you sign up with them, you will take an easy test to make sure you can type & click pretty quick. After they approve you, you will get notified about when a session will be held. You log in, they give you all the info on what to search for & if you find the tickets they want, they will provide you the way to pay for it. It usually takes about 15 minutes per session, but it goes by fast! If you would, please use roxtar27 as the referred by ID. The following is straight from their main page.

Got fast fingers? We will pay you up to $50 per successful session to help fans get the seats that they want. You never pay us a dime or give out your credit card information!
There’s never been an easier way to earn legitimate cash online! We start by paying you 5% of the client’s total ticket purchase price and your commissions can go up to 10% as you gain more experience! Plus, BONUS sessions for double or triple your commission.
IDEAL for students, takes only a few minutes per session and is easy to learn. Think of it as similar to a quick poker freeroll, plus you can earn points that can be exchanged for $$$ just for attending sessions!
Save money on tickets! Active users get 10% off purchases at!

No fees, no catch. We pay you every time your pull results in a successful purchase!
Refer your friends to earn more CASH!
Application decision usually within 48 hours. (First 2 weeks will be a little longer)

There’s nothing to lose. Everything is totally legit. Why not give it a try?


6/24/08 CVS Trip

Today I plan on doing the SoyJoy deal. They are on sale @ CVS for 4 for $4.00 & get back $4.00 ECB, making them free. But there are coupons for buy 2 get one free, so this will be a moneymaker. The limit is 5 per household/card, so you can get 20 bars. Thanks to IheartCVS for all her post on this deal.

Update--I was able to get all 20 bars! I was afraid that my store would be out, but to my surprise, they had a ton! Yipee!!


6/18/08 CVS Trip

4 Oral B Cross Action Power toothbrushes = $23.96
1 Almay One Coat Mascara = $6.99

Used 2 BOGO Oral B coupons (11.98)
1 $1.00 off Almay
15.99 ECB

Spent 2.14 OOP

Earned $17.00 in new ECB's!!!!! Yea for me

CVS Deal of Note

There is not too much to get excited over this week, one deal of note however is Oral B Cross Action or Stages power toothbrush
$5.99 each, get $3 ECB each. Limit of 5
There's BIGIF coupon in the 6/15 insert, so you could get two toothbrushes for $5.99 and $6 ECB back. I have read that the replacement heads also generate the ECB's. Hopefully next week will be better!

Here are the Monthly Deals

CVS Pharmacy Sheer or Plastic Bandages 40 ct $1.99 Free after ECB (Limit 3)
Buy $19.99 of Sun Effects Sunscreen Lotion or Spray 4 or 6 oz get $5 EB (Limit 5)
Buy $10 of Dove Skin Care or Deodorant products get $3 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Nu Hair Regrowth Tablets 50 ct or DHT Blocker 42 ct get $5 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator Puffs Refill get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Miracle Hand Repair or Miracle Foot Repair 8 oz get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Kerasal Ointment 1 oz or lotion 4 oz get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy (2) Softlips Lip Protectant 2 pk. get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy (2) Purell Hand Sanitizer with Aloe 8 oz get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Zest 3 pack, Safeguard or Ivory 4 pack get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Blade Shower Gel 12 oz or Emerald Mist Body Spray get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy CVS Men's Shampoo in Haircolor get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy CVS shave lotion, pre-electric or after shave 3-9 oz get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy any Brut product get $3 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Gillette or Old Spice product get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Degree Clinical protection for women or for men 1.7 oz get $2 EB (Limit 1)
Buy Nice n' Easy colorseal conditioning gloss 1.96 oz get $2 EB (Limit 1)
Buy Mitchum men's or women's clear gel anti-perspirant 2.25 oz get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Sleepright select no-boil night guard get $5 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Dentemp or DOC Denture Repair kit get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy (2) sea-bond denture adhesive 15 ct get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Cepacol mouthwash 24 oz get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy I white product get $5 EB (Limit 5)
Buy assorted GUM dental care products get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy smart mouth long lasting mouthwash 16 oz get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy crest whitening rinse 32 oz, crest pro-health or scope original 1.5 L get $2 EB (Limit 3)
Buy any diabetes essentials products get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy one touch ultra mini meter get $5 EB (Limit 2)
Buy bayer aspirin with heart advantage 30 ct get $2 EB (Limit 5)-$2.50 bayer heart advantage
Buy Citrucel soft chews 60 ct get $5 EB (Limit 5)-$2 off citrucel
Buy CVS acid reducer 150 mg 65 ct get $2 EB (Limit 5)Buy any little tummys product get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Fleet laxative suppositories products listed get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Bonine adult 8-16 ct or for kids 8 ct get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy any dulcolax product get $5 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Digestive advantage 30-32 ct get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Rohto V Eye drops 0.4 oz get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Bausch & Lomb alaway drops 0.34 oz get $4 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Vagisil creme 1 oz or moisturizer 2 oz get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Howard Leight earplugs 2 or 10 pr. get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Murine earlgate 3.3 oz get $7 EB (Limit 5)
Buy CVS pharmacy cotton swabs 500-625 ct get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Auro-dri 1 oz $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Ivarest anti-itch cream 2 oz get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Arnicare pain relief gel 2.6 oz get $5 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Staph or poison ivy care product listed get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Stingeze 0.5 oz get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Bright Beginnings infant formula 25.75 oz get $3 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Huggies mega wipes 208-232 ct get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Huggies lotion, hair & body wash 15oz or washcloths 20 ct get $2 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Stuart prenatal supplement 100 ct get $5 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Naturally Pomegranate dietary supplement 16 oz get $3 EB (Limit 5)
Buy (2) Perrier 0.5 L or S. Pellegrino 16.9 oz get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Mega-T Green green tea 30 or 90 ct get $3 EB (Limit 1)
Buy (4) South Beach Diet 2.11 oz or Balance Nutrition Bar 1.76 oz get $3 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Homedics Shiatsu Massaging Cushion get $10 EB (Limit 5)
Buy Maxell CD-R 10 pk. get $1 EB (Limit 5)
Buy TDK DVC Camcorder Cassette 60 min. 3 pk ger $2 EB (Limit 5)
Listerine Smart Rinse 250 ml $3.49 Free After ECB (Limit 2)-$1 off smart rinse
Oral B CrossAction Manual Toothbrush 2 pk $6.99 Free After ECB (Limit 2)

via slickdeals



Ok, so I told you to get a lot of newspapers...not today. They are not very good this Sunday. Good thing we still have our IP's



The best place on the web to see all the CVS deals!



I made $10 today on wellness360, it's simple, just click around. You can read articles, track your fitness & diet goals, make an emergency card to carry in your purse. It is for sure worth checking out! Here Please use sponsor code ahm814173

This Fathers day weekend, earn TRIPLE points!! This will be great for those just starting!!

UPDATE--Today 6/14 I got my total up to $26.00 already! Whoo-hooo!!



Now that you have started your collection, you need to figure out a way to organize your stash! I know a lot of people like the binder method where you take a 3 ring binder & use sports card protector sheets to store your coupons. I tried that for a while, but eventually wound up back in my plastic box. I use legal size envelopes with the flaps cut off & an index card stapled to it.

My categories are:

Air Fresheners
Cleaners – Kitchen & Bathroom
Cleaners – Laundry
Condiments – Sauces – Dressings
Dog – Pet
Medicines-Acid/gas reducers
Medicines-Pain relievers
Paper & Storage (bags, foil, plates)
PB & Jelly / Syrup
Shampoo – Hair color
Skin care
Soaps & Gels
Tooth care

Then I also have an envelope where I keep my rebate forms that will need to be mailed in if I purchase the product.



Sign up for Ebates here
This is by far the best place to shop for practically anything online. You will be amazed at how fast your rewards add up!

Fathers Day deal

Now through June 15th, when you buy $100 worth of Dockers clothing or accessories, you will get a $75 Shell gas card! Here

Where to Start?

Get your ExtraCare Card

The first thing you need to do to get up & running is get yourself a handy dandy CVS card. You can do this by going to their website here and signing up for one. You fill out the form & make sure to check the option that asks if you would like to receive emails from them. YES! You do, because that is where some of the really good coupons come from! They will send it to you in the mail within a week (that’s how long mine took). You will also get a welcome email that should have a $4 off $20.

You may say, 4 off 20, that don’t sound like much! But trust me; it can make your trip cost less than $1.00 for a basket full of goodies!

Gather coupons

When Sunday rolls around, go get the paper. Don’t buy 1, get 4 or 5. Ask your family & neighbors to save their coupon inserts for you. The local paper for me here has very few coupons in it, I don’t buy that one. Instead, I get the Austin paper, it has 10 times what our local one does. Clip everything. Even if it is a product you will never use, like cat food for example. (Although I am sure my dogs would eat it without any fuss). When brand x cat food is FREE, I’ll get it & donate it to the shelter. If not, think garage sale, lots of people will pay a deep discounted price on items you get free!

Internet Printables—there are some really good sites to print coupons at home. My favorites are (see link at the bottom) &, I will link to more soon.

Product Packaging—look for coupons hanging on the shelves at the store, or stuck to a product (peelies)

Magazines—Wal-Mart has a great magazine called All You. It is $1.77 here per issue, but is loaded with coupons.

Websites—Is there a product you just love? Go to their website & find the “Contact Us” link & let them know, more times than not, you will receive a coupon for a free product or nearly free. Sometimes they send samples to you as well.


Hi! Thanks for visiting my new blog! I'll tell you a little about me. I am 31, married & have 2 great little boys. Well, they are not so little, my youngest will be 9 in a few weeks & my oldest is 11. I'm telling you, time FLYs by so fast, it seems like they should still be little! I live in Central Texas & my favorite stores are HEB, CVS, Walgreens & Wal-mart. That's a list of the main places around here.

I grew up in Kentucky & have been living in Texas since '92. My mother lives near here, but the bulk of my family is still in Kentucky. I am sure I will hit on some of the stores in their neck of the woods too.I am an animal lover too; we have 7 dogs (gasp!!!), a baby boa constrictor (anyone want it, lol) and a frog. He is not kept in the house though, he hangs out under our light & we have kinda gotten used to seeing him there at night. They boys always say, There's Freddy!

Anyway, I started couponing & rebating a few weeks ago & LOVE it! I have saved so much in such a short amount of time, it is hard for me to believe sometimes! So, in talking with some folks around here, it was suggested that I start a blog & so here I am!

My goal here is to help you learn to save money! I want to share what I know with you and provide links to some of the fantastic sites I have used to help me along the way. Please contact me if you have any opinions or ideas, or would just like to say hi!

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