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Where to Start?

Get your ExtraCare Card

The first thing you need to do to get up & running is get yourself a handy dandy CVS card. You can do this by going to their website here and signing up for one. You fill out the form & make sure to check the option that asks if you would like to receive emails from them. YES! You do, because that is where some of the really good coupons come from! They will send it to you in the mail within a week (that’s how long mine took). You will also get a welcome email that should have a $4 off $20.

You may say, 4 off 20, that don’t sound like much! But trust me; it can make your trip cost less than $1.00 for a basket full of goodies!

Gather coupons

When Sunday rolls around, go get the paper. Don’t buy 1, get 4 or 5. Ask your family & neighbors to save their coupon inserts for you. The local paper for me here has very few coupons in it, I don’t buy that one. Instead, I get the Austin paper, it has 10 times what our local one does. Clip everything. Even if it is a product you will never use, like cat food for example. (Although I am sure my dogs would eat it without any fuss). When brand x cat food is FREE, I’ll get it & donate it to the shelter. If not, think garage sale, lots of people will pay a deep discounted price on items you get free!

Internet Printables—there are some really good sites to print coupons at home. My favorites are (see link at the bottom) &, I will link to more soon.

Product Packaging—look for coupons hanging on the shelves at the store, or stuck to a product (peelies)

Magazines—Wal-Mart has a great magazine called All You. It is $1.77 here per issue, but is loaded with coupons.

Websites—Is there a product you just love? Go to their website & find the “Contact Us” link & let them know, more times than not, you will receive a coupon for a free product or nearly free. Sometimes they send samples to you as well.


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