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New Giveaway!!! Idina Menzel Tote & CD

Wow, do I have a cool giveaway for you guys this time!!! I am really excited about this one. One winner will be selected at random, August 10th at 9 pm central time. This drawing is sponsored by the awesome folks over at One2One Networks.

A little info for you on Grammy Award winning, Idina Menzel.

She has a brand spankin' new CD out called "I Stand". You can listen to samples HERE and see the the songs on the album. She is on tour now and will be across the nation promoting the album.
So, here are the rules. Leave a comment here on what you "Stand" for! That's it!
But, if you want a bonus entry, EMAIL me & tell me the sure to email this entry to me & don't post it here in your comment on what you Stand for.
1) Where was Idina born?
2) What was her Grammy for?
I honestly cant wait to read your responses! Good Luck & thanks for playing along.


Free Movie Monday



Scrubbing Bubble Rebate

I sent off today for my $4.79 rebate for the Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber, the rebate form was in this past Sunday's insert. But, go HERE & print a $2.75 coupon. I got mine at Wal-Mart for $2.04 after coupon & will get $4.79 back in the mail!! Those are the best kind of rebates!

There is a program called Rebate Rebate you can download for free HERE and track all of your rebates with. It is a very simple program & keeps up with everything for you!


I have 2 rebate forms left over in case you didn't get one this past weekend, the first 2 people who comment here needing one, I'll send them. Again, I only have 2 extra that I'd be glad to share with someone.

I tried mine tonight, I have to say it did a great job cleaning that tub! The package comes with one handle thingy & 4 pads. I cleaned my sink too, taking the pad off the handle, but if you do that, be careful, it will take your polish off your nails. It must have some pretty stout stuff in it to do that, but it really didn't smell too bad. Not like some tub cleaners anyway that have you running for the next room to breathe!

Also in the package, there was a coupon sheet, it has

1.00 off any SB (Scrubbing Bubbles) Fresh Brush Max Starter kit

.55 off SB Fresh Brush refill pack

3.00 off SB Automatic Shower cleaner starter kit

1.50 off any 2 SB Automatic shower cleaner refills

1.00 off ANY SB bathroom cleaner

1.00 off SB Action Scrubber starter kit

.55 off Action scrubber refill pack

I know there are some better coupons out there now, but these don't expire until 12/31/09

She Speaks

Join SheSpeaks
This company just sent me a Garnier Anti-puff eye roller to try & evaluate. I have only been a member for 3 weeks. They send you the product, you try it & talk about it back on their site. I totally recommend this site.

A Few Freebies

Free Mens Razor

Schick Quattro Titanium Razor
Glad Force Flex garbage bags
Ziploc Baggies & Coupons

Current Walmart Samples

Greeting card
Nivea for Men shave gel
Biore Skin Care
Multi Grain Cheerios
Tide Total Care
Tampax Pearl


Free Movie Monday

Today's free movie code is TW87WR


My Wal-Mart Haul 7/17


Diet Pepsi 24 pk 5.98 (not pictured or on sale--Shame on me!)
Electrasol Powerball x 6 15.72
Webbers Marinade x5 2.90
Kool Aid x 6 .80
Well Patch Singles x 6 5.82
Tuna x 8 8.32
Tava 4 pk x2 3.96
4 Johnson Buddy Bar 3.76
Planters Peanuts x2 5.36
Toaster Strudel x 4 7.52 (Not pictured)
Airwick Mini x2 10.00 (Bonus pack, came with 2 sprays each!!!)
TOTAL = $70.14

2x 1.00 off 2 Toaster Strudel -2.00
2x 4.00 off Airwick mini -8.00
6x 2.25 off Electrasol -13.50
5x .50 off Webber Marinade -2.50
2x 1.50 off Tava -3.00
4x 1.00 off Johnson Buddy -4.00
4x 1.00 off WYB 2 Tuna -4.00
2x 3.00 off Planters -6.00
6 x 1.00 off Well Patch -6.00
Total In Coupons $49.00
Total OOP $23.58

Not too shabby!


Survey / Rewards

My Money Making List
Here are a few ways I earn a little extra cash. None of these will make you rich overnight, but it adds up! I will add to this list as I get all my info sorted out. If you have any questions on any of them, just holler at me & I'll be glad to tell you more about it.


Pinecone Research

Consumer Village


Ticket Puller
(Please use roxtar27 as referral name)

Revolution MoneyExchange

Selling books on Amazon

Opinion Outpost

Google AdSense

Inbox Dollars

Ipsos I-say Consumer Panel


Blog about the things you love


Free Movie Monday

Today's Redbox code is 83CB4K

And the Winner Is...

Jenetta over at Frugal, Freebies & Deals! Congratulations! I will get this in the mail to you.

I want to thank all of you for posting, there were some really terrific ideas you shared. Please continue to check back with me though, I will have more giveaways to come.


1.62 OOP

Today @ CVS I got

9 Sally Hard as nails = $8.91

1 Airwick Mini= 4.99

1 30ct Bayer Heart Adv = 4.99

1 Excederin Back & Body = 4.79

4 Exedrin PM = 19.96

1 chex mix = 1.99

1 Sour worm candy = .99

Total value = $46.62



.50 Chex

3x 3.00 off 2 Sally polish

2.00 off Excedrin Back & Body

2.50 off Bayer

4 x 2.00 off Excedrin PM

4.00 off Airwick

18.00 ECB

Total out of pocket was $1.62

Earned $12.00 ECB

2 for Bayer & 10 for Excederin


NEW 3/15 CVS Coupon

Finally, thanks to Centsible Sawyer for posting this, there is finally a new 3/15 CVS coupon out there!!! Click HERE the dry spell is over! At least until July 20th. Hooray


Cake Day!

Well, today is my birthday & what better timing...remember the cake I won from Grocery Mama & Cakes by me? It came in today!!! Here is what I got, the second pic is what it is supposed to look like, (supposed to, we'll see how I do).

Click on the picture to visit Cakes By Me, they have a ton of cakes & they are really adorable! Something for every occasion. Mother in law made me one of my favorites, Texas sheet cake!!!! I am in cake paradise today =)

CVS 7/11/08

3 Pringles = 3.00

2 Olay wipes = 11.98

1 Olay cloths = 4.99

1 Olay cleanser = 5.99

1 Gallon milk = 4.29

2 Febreze = 7.98

2 Febreze Air Effects = 5.00


$3.00 off Olay x 4 = 12.00

.30 off Pringles = .30

2 x free Fabreze Air Effects = 5.00

1 CVS Skin care = 2.00

ECB's from previous trips = 16.00

Out of Pocket = 12.79 (OUCH)

Earned $17.00


My First Bloggy Giveaway

I am holding my first giveaway! This is for a full size Mary Kay Satin Hands set! If you have never tried this, you are in for a real treat!!! Retails for $30.00.

How do you win? Leave a comment here about what you are doing to save money this summer, it does not have to be long or too detailed, but share with me your best tips. Want an extra entry? Be my friend on MySpace and I'll put your name in the drawing twice! Just make sure you say satin hands contest in the message.

Runs until July 13th @ 9:00 pm central time.

Good Luck!


Paid Research Study for Pregnant and New First Time Moms

This is one of my favorite online survey companys, I don't qualify for this study, but if you do, hurry & try to get qualified, the places fill up fast!

20/20 Research, a nationally-recognized market research firm, is looking for first-time moms ages 25-49.

20/20 Research is conducting an online discussion board the week of July 14th for first-time moms who are either pregnant or have a baby less than 1 year old.

The group will discuss various aspects of being a first-time mom. Participating in the study will consist of logging on to a secure website at your convenience to answer questions and participate in the group “discussion”.

If you qualify to participate in the study, you will be paid for your time and participation.

If you are interested in participating, please click on the link below for some questions to see if you qualify:

Monday's Free Redbox Movie Code


Use this code for a free movie today & any of the Redbox stations, usually Mcdonald's has them.

New Design

Thought I'd update my blog with a 3 column design. Hope you like it!

I didn't do much wheelin & dealin over the holiday weekend, but I'll be back in the game this week for sure with some awesome Olay deals at CVS. I'll post when I get them & show you how & what to use!!


Wellness360 Double points again!!

Friday the 4th through Sunday, Wellness 360 is doing their double points again. Just like they did over Father's day weekend. I went from $10 to $35 that weekend alone!

See my earlier post on how to sign up!!


I Won a Cake!

I entered the giveaway that Grocery Mama had on her blog. YIPEE!! I am so excited, I'm doin the know what I'm talking about!

I highly recommend you go check out her blog & sign up for the newsletter, see the button on the left. She has a great site with tons of info & you can tell she puts a lot of time & thought into it.

Wellness360 Payout Time!

Yipee!!! It is payout time for those of you with a Wellness360 account! I will be getting a check for $35.14. Here is the link to sign up if you havn't already. Please use sponsor code ahm814173

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