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Paid Research Study for Pregnant and New First Time Moms

This is one of my favorite online survey companys, I don't qualify for this study, but if you do, hurry & try to get qualified, the places fill up fast!

20/20 Research, a nationally-recognized market research firm, is looking for first-time moms ages 25-49.

20/20 Research is conducting an online discussion board the week of July 14th for first-time moms who are either pregnant or have a baby less than 1 year old.

The group will discuss various aspects of being a first-time mom. Participating in the study will consist of logging on to a secure website at your convenience to answer questions and participate in the group “discussion”.

If you qualify to participate in the study, you will be paid for your time and participation.

If you are interested in participating, please click on the link below for some questions to see if you qualify:


3boyzmom said...

Hello! gotcha today!!! And I like the 3 columns, it gives you much more room, rather than having that blank wasted space!

quitecontrary1977 said...

i gotcha too! your page does look really different! how'd you do that?

3boyzmom said...

Hi! I clicked you today but forgot to say it in my comment for your giveaway!! I'm having my first giveaway too if you want to check it out! I'll blog about your giveaway too:)

3boyzmom said...

hi! I gotcha and I also blogged about your giveaway today!

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