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My Wal-Mart Haul 7/17


Diet Pepsi 24 pk 5.98 (not pictured or on sale--Shame on me!)
Electrasol Powerball x 6 15.72
Webbers Marinade x5 2.90
Kool Aid x 6 .80
Well Patch Singles x 6 5.82
Tuna x 8 8.32
Tava 4 pk x2 3.96
4 Johnson Buddy Bar 3.76
Planters Peanuts x2 5.36
Toaster Strudel x 4 7.52 (Not pictured)
Airwick Mini x2 10.00 (Bonus pack, came with 2 sprays each!!!)
TOTAL = $70.14

2x 1.00 off 2 Toaster Strudel -2.00
2x 4.00 off Airwick mini -8.00
6x 2.25 off Electrasol -13.50
5x .50 off Webber Marinade -2.50
2x 1.50 off Tava -3.00
4x 1.00 off Johnson Buddy -4.00
4x 1.00 off WYB 2 Tuna -4.00
2x 3.00 off Planters -6.00
6 x 1.00 off Well Patch -6.00
Total In Coupons $49.00
Total OOP $23.58

Not too shabby!


quitecontrary1977 said...

you're a great budget shopper!!! and gotcha!

Ryan and Amy said...

You did GREAT!!

quitecontrary1977 said...

gotcha today! where did you get all those great coupons?

Laura said...

I buy 5 Austin papers, my town here has about 2 coupons in it, so I just get the biggest city close to me. And, my library has a coupon box I will look through when I take the kiddos there. And, I print some too from

Shannon&Eli said...

wow that is a great deal! CLICK I need to find some great coupons!

Blake and Meichelle said...

Wow! I am super impressed! I gotcha too! Hehehe.

Briana said...

DO you have a problem using your coupons at Wal-mart? I tried one time and felt like a criminal doing it! You must have a better Wal-mart than me!!!

Laura said...

I normally do not have any problems, but I do carry the coupon policy with me just in case. And I usually say something up front & in a positive tone, like "I've got coupons, lets's see how good I did today".

Sometimes you will get a cashier that just wants no part of your good mood or in chatting, but it seems to me, the ones you can get chatting & joking around with, will give you very few problems.

3boyzmom said...

Gotcha today!!

Blake and Meichelle said...

Gotcha again today!!

Anonymous said...

nice job! where did you get the 2.25 off Electrasol coupons from

Laura said...

The electrasol were actually from the sunday paper that week! I got extra papers & begged family for theirs too =)

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