Free Samples


8/30 CVS

4- 12 packs Diet Pepsi 12.00
4 Whatchamacallit Candy Bars 2.00
2 Stayfree 9.00
2 Sobe Life Waters 2.00
1 Milk 3.79
1-12 Pack Cottenelle 6.49
4 Boxes Malt-O-Meal 4.00
2 Packages Zipp Fizz 11.98
Total Merchandise 51.26
2 Malt-O-Meal 1.00 off -2.00
2 Malt-O-Meal .75 off -1.50
1 Stayfree BOGO -4.50
2 Free Sobe WYB Pepsi -2.00
2/10 -2.00
ECB’s -20.79
Total OOP = 18.65
Earned $19.98 back in ECB’s, for a gain of $1.33 for $51.26 worth of stuff!
(5 for Stayfree, 3 for Pepsi & 11.98 for Zip Fizz)


Walgreens 10/40

I don't usually shop at Walgreens, however here is a pretty hot coupon for 10/40 that is good for Friday & Saturday only.


Flip Digital Camera Giveaway

Deal Seeking Mom is having an awesome giveaway! It's a Flip digital video camera!! Head on over there & get yourself entered! Who wouldn't LOVE this!!


I Received an Award!!!

Recently, my blog friend from Now Entering Momville gave me this fantastic award. What an honor! Now, I get to pass it on to some deserving blogs!

This award recognizes a blog’s creativity and overall contribution to the blogger community.

Once you’ve been selected, please follow these guidelines and pay it forward:

1) Choose 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award based on creativity, design, interesting material, and overall contribution to the blogger community, regardless of the language.

2) Post the name of the author and a link to his or her blog by so everyone can view it.

3) Each award-winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award.

4) The award-winner and the presenter should post the link of the “Arte y pico“blog , so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5) Please post these rules.

Here are the 5 blogs I'm passing the award to:

Free box of Touch of Gray

Just last night my husband asked me to cut his hair, he said too much gray was showing from under his baseball cap. So I got the clippers out & went to town on the only haircut I know how to give someone, a buzz cut! Trust me, nobody on this planet wants me coming near their hair with scissors! Anyway, I told him that a buzz cut isn't the fix for his dilemma , that I would get him a box of men's hair color. And here it is, the answer the very next day!
I guess he can keep his short cut for the remainder of the summer, but I'll be ready with my free box the next time he asks!



Here is what I have received over the last couple weeks

$10.00 Target gift card from Ebates (see link at the left)

$10.00 Sears gift card from AdPerk

$4.92 Rebate from Scrubbing bubbles

$25.00 check from a survey

Garnier Eye roller from SheSpeaks

CoverGirl lipstik from MySurvey (product test)

Oil Of Olay from MySurvey (product test)

Package of disposable razors from MySurvey (product test)

Add that to the coupons & samples I have coming in & it sure makes checking the mail fun! Now if I could just get that car & student loan paid off I'd really have it made=)

BOGO Free Sierra Mist

Click HERE for the coupon


CVS 8/26/08

Finally made it back to CVS 8/26/08
4 Diet Pepsi 12-Pk $12.00
2 Stayfree Pads 9.00
1 Fold-up chair 4.99
2 Softsoap 1.98
2 Colgate (BOGO) 3.29
2 candies @ register 2.08
Total Merchandise $33.34
2/10 CVS coupon -2.00
2) .35 off Softsoap -.70
1.50 off Colgate -1.50
1.00 off Colgate -1.00
BOGO Stayfree -4.50
Total Saved with Coupons $9.70
Used 14.78 in ECB’s from previous trips
Total OOP $9.53
Received $8.00 in ECB’s (3 for Pepsi & 5 for Stayfree)


Free Movie Monday

Today's Free movie code is X4N19P


September CVS Deals

Thanks to Slick Deals for posting this:

Acne Free or wrinkle free or 24 hr face lift $5 ECB Limit 5

Buy $15 of garnier skin, hair and hair color get $5 ECB limit 5
Garnier 100% Color Vibrant Colors Hair Color $3 (8-31-08) V 5/4/08
Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner, any Family Size $2 (11-30-08) V 5/4/08
Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Style Product, any except trial $1 (10-31-08) SS 7/20/08
Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, any except trial $1 (11-30-08) V 5/4/08
Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, any except trial $1 (12-31-08) V 6/22/08
Garnier Fructis Style Product, any $1 (12-31-08) V 6/22/08

Ambien Skin care $3 ECB limit 3

Buy $30 Roc skin care get $10 ECB limit 5

Oil of Olay, anti-wrinkle, replenishing night cream, eye cream, daily lotion spf 15, complete defence spf 30 lotion, spf 15 touch of sun lotion. $2 ECB limit 5
- $1 Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser, any SS 8/17/08 (exp 9/30/08)
- $2 Olay Facial Cleanser, any SS 8/10/08 (exp 9/30/08)

Buy $15 Nivea body lipcare or eucerin products $5 ECB limit 5
Nivea Sun-Kissed Firming Moisturizer, any 8.4 oz. $1 (9-30-08) V 7/27/08
- $1 Eucerin Everyday Protection Body Lotion, 13.5 oz printable
- $1 Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30, 4 oz printable

Buy 2 lever 2000 8 packs or 12 oz bodywash $2 ECB limit 5
- $1 Lever 2000 Soap printable

Spend $15 on Curel Lotion 13oz, Jergens naturals 16.8oz, all Biore products, John Frieda collection get $5 ECB limit 5

Lubriderm Lotion $1 ECB limit5
- $1 Lubriderm Lotion, any printable

Stridex $1.50ECB limit 5
Stridex Product, any $1 (9-30-08) V 6/1/08

$25 of Aveeno skin, sun and mens products get $10 ECB limit 3
- $2 Aveeno Facial Care Product, excludes cleansing bars and trial size printable

Spend $15 on Christophe products get 5 ECB limit 5
$5/1 peelies found on shampoo/conditioner, exp 11/30/08

Andrea or Arcell, eyelashes, brow powder, groming tool or lash adhesive get $1 ECB limit 5

Spend $15 on Neutrogena Mens products get $5 ECB limit 3

Toms of Maine, natural deoterant, toothpaste, mouthwash $1.50 ECB limit 2

Plus White 5 minute speed whitening $3 ECB limit 2

You Smile Advanced tooth whitening system $10 ECB limit 2

Biotene drymouth mouthwash or toothpaste $1 ECB limit 5

Colgate whitening toothpaste with toothbrush pack 6oz $1 ECB limit 2

CVS Denture cleaner 90-120ct $1 ECB limit 5

Natural Dentist Healthy gums or floride rinse $2 ECB limit 5

CVS Brand plaque detective rinces or easy grip toothbursh(4pack) $2 ECB limit 2

Crest, Fixodent or Oral b toothbrushes $2 ECB limit 3

Lysine Plus cold sore treatment or CankerCover $2 ECB limit 5

CVS brand thermometer, standard, flxible tip, quick read $1 ECB limit 5

CVS Children's Allergy Liquid 4oz. get $1 ECB Limit 5

Buy 2 Triaminic or Theraflu (excludes Triaminic D) get $3 ECB Limit 5
- $2 Triaminic Product printable
- $1 Theraflu printable

Buy Chloraseptic Lozenges 18 ct. get $1.50 ECB Limit 5

Buy 4 Way Nasal Spray or Comtrex Product listed get $2 ECB Limit 5 (products: 4 Way nasal spray 1oz. or Comtrex Cold & Cough for day/night 20 ct.)

Buy Children's Claritin Chewables 10 or 20 ct. ger $1 ECB Limit 3

Buy Claritin 24 hour 10mg, 30 ct. get $2 ECB Limit 3

Buy Breathe Right Nasal Strips 12ct. or Vapor Strips 10ct. get $2 ECB Limit 5
- $2 Breathe Right Product printable

Buy Similasan Eye or Ear Relief 0.33oz. get $3 ECB Limit 5
- $1 Similasan Healthy Relief Product, any printable

Buy Ayr Allergy & Sinus Mist 1.69oz. or Saline Nasal Rinse get $3 ECB Limit 5

Buy Simply Saline or Baby Simply Saline get $2 ECB Limit 5

Buy Complete Multi-purpose Solution 12oz. get $2 ECB Limit 5

Buy Arnicare Homeopathic Pain Relief Gel 2.6 oz. get $8 ECB Limit 5
$2 printable pdf here:

Buy Momentum Backache Relief 48ct. get $2 ECB Limit 5

Buy SinuCleanse Headache Relief Kit get $5 ECB Limit 5

Buy NewPhase 30ct. , Garlique 30 or 60ct. get $2 ECB Limit 5

Buy Elations Dietary Supplement 6pk. 8 oz. Bottles get $3 ECB Limit 3

Buy Just Once Naturals Women's, Men's or Prenatal 50ct. get $2 ECB Limit 5

Buy Viactiv Calcium or Multi-Vitamin Soft Chews 60ct. or Glides 100-110ct. get $3 ECB Limit 5

Buy Precision Xtra Advanced Diabetes Management System get $10 ECB Limit 1
Precision Xtra Blood Glucose & Ketone Monitoring System $9.99 (10-31-08) SS 6/29/08

Buy CVS Blood Pressure Monitor (excludes manual) get $10 ECB Limit 2

Buy CardioChek Portable Blood Test System get $20 ECB Limit 1

Buy Fleet Suppositories Glycerin 50 ct. $5.29 or Liquid Glycerin 4 ct.$5.29 get $2 ECB Limit 3

Buy Absorbine Jr. 4 oz get $2 ECB Limit 2

Buy StaphAsepric 2 oz. or Tecnu Extreme 4 oz. get $2 ECB Limit 5

Buy Pin-X Pinworm Treatment 2 oz. get $1 ECB Limit 5

Buy Quit Nits Preventative Spray 4.2 oz. or Complete Lice Kit get $2 ECB Limit 5

Buy Stayfree Pads 16-24 ct. or Carefree Pantiliners 38-60ct. get $2 ECB Limit 5
- $2 Stayfree Dry Max Pads printable
- $1 Stayfree Product printable

Buy LifeStyles Condom 12 or 36 ct. get $4 ECB Limit 5

Buy CVS Tioconazole 1 0.28 oz. get $3 ECB Limit 5

Buy CVS Pregnancy Test 2 ct. get $2 ECB Limit 5

Buy Dr. Scholl's Insoles get $2 ECB Limit 5

Buy Life Fitness Pedometer or Scale listed get $10 ECB Limit 2 (Ultra digital pedometer, premium digital body scale or pedometer)

Buy Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Product listed get $3 ECB Limit 5 (Wart remover regular 12ct. or dual action 1.18oz.)

Buy Tineacide 1.25oz. get $3 ECB Limit 5

Buy 2 Planters Trail Mix 6oz. get $2 ECB Limit 5

Buy Fat Free Pringles 6.5 oz get $1 ECB Limit 2

Buy General Foods International French Vanilla Cafe 9 oz. get $1 ECB Limit 5

Buy 2 Dasani Original, Plus or Sensations 20 oz. get $1 ECB Limit 5
Tearpad BOGO exp 11/15/08
Tearpad Save $.0.50 any 20 oz. Dasani Plus exp 11/15/08

Buy 2 Perrier 0.5 L or S. Pellegrino 16.9 oz. get $1 ECB Limit 5
Save $1.00 any Perrier product exp 09/30/08 recent Publix and Stop & Shop blinkie

Buy Purina Beneful Dog Food 4 lbs. get $2 ECB Limit 5

Buy Fujifilm All Purpose CD-R 30 pk. get $2 ECB Limit 5


2G Photo Storage

Thats a lot of space!

my PictureTown

Do you like my updated page?

So, I got tired of messing with the other template I was using. I will be replacing my widgets over the next few days, but most of my stuff is still here!

There is a link at the very bottom of this page to Amanda's site, she has some really cool templates.


Free Obama 08 Button

For those of you interested, the free Obama Button is back.

Obama '08


Walmart Samples

I hope by now you have added the Wal-Mart sample page to your favorites & check it regularly!
Here are some they have now

Scott Toilet Paper
Benefiber Stick Packs
Tampax Pearl
Tena Underwear

I did pick up 3 more All You magazines & hope to do some shopping soon. I have not stepped in a store this week except to get some bread & lunchmeat (on sale of course). With school getting ready to start back up & football & my oldest son being sick for a week, I have not had a ton of time for much. But things are starting to smooth back out & school starts MONDAY! yea=)


Blog Issues

I have had some blog issues this weekend. I hope to have everything back to normal tonight or tomorrow morning.

I did get out & do some clothes shopping while it was tax free this weekend, nothing to write home about though.

I will post more as I get some shopping done first part of the week.

Go over & check out Money Saving Mom for the deals this week!


School Supplies

This week Walgreens has packages of Bic Pens priced at 2 for $1.00. Look over on the right at my bar & print off a $1.00 off 2 Bic Stationary products & get them free!

Staples has FREE Elmers School Glue, limit 2

Copy paper reams (Staples brand) 1.99 limit 2

Composition books, 2-pack 1.99 no limit

3x5 Index cards .33, limit 3

Paper Mate mechanical pencil 5-pack .25, limit 2

1 Subject spiral notebooks .75, limit 3

Crayola 10-pack Classic markers .79 limit 3


CVS 8/12/08

Today I bought

10 Pack of Juicy Fruit Gum 1.00

4 Dove Chocolate 12.00

2 Reeses Pieces (YUM) 2.00

1 Infants Advil 5.79

2 Back Packs (BOGO) 17.99

2 Lamasil Defense 15.98

Total = 54.76


2 BOGO Dove -6.99 (one rung up as 3.99, the other 3.00)

2 4.00 off Lamasil -8.00

1 2/10 CVS -2.00

1 Advil IP -1.00

$20.00 ECB -20.00

OOP = 16.77

Earned 20.79 In ECB (5.00 for candy, 5.79 for Advil & 10.00 for Lamasil)


And the Winner Is...

Mary from Now Entering Momville
was the winner of the Idina Menzel CD & tote bag! Thanks to everyone who entered!
(winner was randomly chosen from a list generator at

Congrats Mary!

Free Movie Monday

For your viewing pleasure... H3BL13



Dont forget to enter my giveaway for the Idina Menzel tote bag & CD, it is ending soon! See HERE

Also, my buddy over at Now Entering Momville is giving away a sweet Elliot Lucca Genevieve Hobo purse! Go HERE to see it & enter her giveaway.


Shopping Day

August 7, 2008


Walmart—All you Deal
Kraft Mac & Cheese x 15 =7 .50 (On roll back for .50 each!!)
Crystal lite Lemonade = 2.98
Kraft 12 oz singles = 2.48
Kraft 16 oz Ranch Dressing = 1.58
Milk = 3.83
Wheat Thin x 2 = 6.96
Tava 4 pk = 1.98
Total = $27.31
Free Cheese – 2.48
Free Dressing – 1.58
Free Wheat Thins x 2 – 6.96
Free Crystal lite – 2.98 (All of these free coupons from the August All You magazine)
Tava (from my quick print link here) – 1.50
Total plus tax = $11.98
This deal could have been much better had I done it with Kool-Aid instead of the Mac & Cheese, but we were out & since it’s on sale, I needed to stock up on it.

CVS Transaction 1
2 Colgate Total = 5.98
1 Children’s Advil = 5.79
Total = 11.77
Used 2/10 CVS Coupon
$1.00 off Children’s Advil
1.50 off Colgate
1.00 Off Colgate
6.00 ECB
Total out of Pocket = .27
Earned 5.79 in ECB for the Advil & 4.00 in ECB for the Colgate


CVS Transaction 2
1 Children’s Advil = 5.79
1 CVS brand pain reliever = 3.49
1 2-pack 6 Hour energy = 4.99
Total = 14.27
Used 2/10 CVS Coupon
$1.00 off Children’s Advil
2.50 off any CVS brand pain reliever
5.79 in ECB (from transaction 1)
Total Out of pocket = 2.98
Earned 5.79 in ECB for the Advil & 4.99 in ECB for the 6 Hour Energy


How many will you buy??

This is the only magazine I will pay money for. The rest I get as freebies, mostly through AdPerk.
Make sure you get your copy this month, the August edition. I picked up 4 & may get more.

Here is what you can get FREE when you buy Kool-Aid packages (my Wal-Mart’s are 20 cents)

Kraft Cheese Singles 12 oz. Package
Nabisco Wheat Thins (get the big box, the coupon says up to $4.50)
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs (up to $4.51)
Kraft Dressing 16 oz.
Crystal Light (up to $4.50)

To get all of these, you would need 15 Kool-Aid packages for $3.00. But you can split them up, they don't expire until 9/30/08.

And if you don’t want the Kool-Aid, you can buy any 3 items made by Kraft, Nabisco, or Oscar Mayer. Kool-Aid just happens to be the lowest cost item from Kraft & I have never seen my store run out of these.

Plus, this magazine has tons of other coupons, like the $1.00 off any Kotex that translates to a free 18 ct. box at Wal-Mart. And some for the toothpaste for CVS this month.

These magazines are only available at Wal-Mart, or through a subscription. The cover price says 1.97, but they ring up for 1.77 here in Central Texas.


Walmart 8/5/08

Lunchables x 4 = 6.96
Special K bars x 10 = 25.00
Plastic spoons = 1.12
Tava x 2 = 3.96
Powerade 32 oz x 6 = 3.60

Total $40.64

2) BOGO Special K – 5.00
6) 1.00 off Special K – 6.00
6) 1.00 off Powerade – 6.00
2) 1.50 off Tava – 3.00

Total saved in Coupons = $ 20.00
Will send in for the $10.00 rebate WYB (when you buy) 10 specially marked products, in this case of course the Special K bars. The form was in this past Sunday’s inserts.

So, total for all this after MIR & Q’s = $10.64


8/4/08 CVS Trip Profit of $2.29

2 Excedrin Migraine = 5.00
6 Dawn dish detergent = 5.28
2 Cover Girl True blend foundation = 8.99 (BOGO)
2 Cover Girl True blend powder = 7.99 (BOGO)
4 Pert Plus = 7.38 (BOGO)
4 Sure deodorant = 5.78 (BOGO)
2 CVS Combination locks = 4.49 (BOGO)
2 CVS Index dividers = 1.39 (BOGO)
2 Folgers twin packs = 13.98
1 Hot wheels car = 1.69
Total $61.97

1) 2/10 CVS Q (should have broken this down into multiple transactions, but didn’t) -2.00
6) .50 off Dawn -3.00
2) Cover Girl BOGO -15.98
4) 2.00 off Pert Plus – 8.00
2) Sure BOGO -5.78
2) .50 off Folgers -1.00
Total saved in Coupons $35.76
-18.00 ECB

Total Out of Pocket = $8.71
Earned $6.00 ECB from Folgers, plus, I am sending off for the $5.00 refund when you buy 5.00 in Pert or Sure & 5.00 in School supplies!

Total for this trip inclucing coupons, ECB's & mail in rebate = Profit of $2.29

HOT new CVS $2/$10 !!!!!!

Whoo-hoooo!!!!!!!! Click HERE
The coupon is on page 30 & does not expire until September 28th!
Thanks to Deal Seaking Mom for sharing this!!!

If you are new to CVSing, these coupons are highly saught after because they can really reduce your out of pocket spending. When you have these coupons, split up your purchases into smaller ones. You want to try to get your total just over $10 (for this coupon). Depending on what you are buying and the coupons you are using, you may need to go over a bit more so you won't be negative on your total. CVS will not give an overage. In that case, you buy what we call filler items, candy / gum/ anything you may need that doesn't cost very much to get the purchase total to where you owe something. Even if it is one cent (which happens a lot!).

Free Movie Monday


I just love these! We have been taking full advantage of the free movie codes at my house. We rented College Road Trip last time for the kids & they loved it.

You can use these codes once per credit/debit card. So you can get 3 movies if you have 3 cards. I usually just get 2 because that is all we will have time to watch. The movies have to be returned by 9:00 the following night so you won't be charged.

Free Sample

Receive a Free night time renewal kit with DVD, a TEMPUR Material sample, and more.

Free Nature Made Vitamins

Get a 14-day supply of your favorite vitamin - FREE! FREE Nature Made(R) Liquid Softgel Vitamins. Only while supplies last!

Click Here


Great Coupon Day!

It is the first Sunday of the month, that means P&G Brandsaver!! That makes for 3 inserts today! Yipee!

I cleaned out my coupon box last night to take out the expired ones, there were a lot ending on the 31st of July, so now I have room for the new ones. It took forever!

I didn't shop much last week, too much going on here. My 11 year olds football team started practice last Monday, he is so happy to be back on the field. I couldn't do it, I just sit there for 2 hours while the practice, but in the 100 degree heat, I feel like I just got out of a practice. But, they love it (and yes, they take plenty of water breaks & coach tells them over & over if you need water, go get some).

He's going for QB this year! It's his last year to be able to play at this level, next year it will be middle school. Yikes!

I did get in my $10 Target gift card from Ebates & my rebates from Zout & Excedrin Back & Body (that was super FAST) & some of my Walmart samples. Make sure you get in on all those, they arrive pretty quick & most of the time come with a great coupon.

Anyway, I plan on shopping more & posting more this week! Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

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