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Great Coupon Day!

It is the first Sunday of the month, that means P&G Brandsaver!! That makes for 3 inserts today! Yipee!

I cleaned out my coupon box last night to take out the expired ones, there were a lot ending on the 31st of July, so now I have room for the new ones. It took forever!

I didn't shop much last week, too much going on here. My 11 year olds football team started practice last Monday, he is so happy to be back on the field. I couldn't do it, I just sit there for 2 hours while the practice, but in the 100 degree heat, I feel like I just got out of a practice. But, they love it (and yes, they take plenty of water breaks & coach tells them over & over if you need water, go get some).

He's going for QB this year! It's his last year to be able to play at this level, next year it will be middle school. Yikes!

I did get in my $10 Target gift card from Ebates & my rebates from Zout & Excedrin Back & Body (that was super FAST) & some of my Walmart samples. Make sure you get in on all those, they arrive pretty quick & most of the time come with a great coupon.

Anyway, I plan on shopping more & posting more this week! Don't forget to enter my giveaway!


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Thanks for the tips! Clicks

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