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Free box of Touch of Gray

Just last night my husband asked me to cut his hair, he said too much gray was showing from under his baseball cap. So I got the clippers out & went to town on the only haircut I know how to give someone, a buzz cut! Trust me, nobody on this planet wants me coming near their hair with scissors! Anyway, I told him that a buzz cut isn't the fix for his dilemma , that I would get him a box of men's hair color. And here it is, the answer the very next day!
I guess he can keep his short cut for the remainder of the summer, but I'll be ready with my free box the next time he asks!


ThreadBeaur said...

My husband has no hair! Maybe it would be funny if I got that anyway!

quitecontrary1977 said...

gotcha..and got something for you at Momville..

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