Free Samples


How many will you buy??

This is the only magazine I will pay money for. The rest I get as freebies, mostly through AdPerk.
Make sure you get your copy this month, the August edition. I picked up 4 & may get more.

Here is what you can get FREE when you buy Kool-Aid packages (my Wal-Mart’s are 20 cents)

Kraft Cheese Singles 12 oz. Package
Nabisco Wheat Thins (get the big box, the coupon says up to $4.50)
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs (up to $4.51)
Kraft Dressing 16 oz.
Crystal Light (up to $4.50)

To get all of these, you would need 15 Kool-Aid packages for $3.00. But you can split them up, they don't expire until 9/30/08.

And if you don’t want the Kool-Aid, you can buy any 3 items made by Kraft, Nabisco, or Oscar Mayer. Kool-Aid just happens to be the lowest cost item from Kraft & I have never seen my store run out of these.

Plus, this magazine has tons of other coupons, like the $1.00 off any Kotex that translates to a free 18 ct. box at Wal-Mart. And some for the toothpaste for CVS this month.

These magazines are only available at Wal-Mart, or through a subscription. The cover price says 1.97, but they ring up for 1.77 here in Central Texas.


ThreadBeaur said...

Great deals! I clicked too!

quitecontrary1977 said...

gotcha.. my hubby is a kool-aid a--holic so i'm gonna have to cash in

Dealdad said...

I bought 8 of these already! with school starting and lunches that need to be made (that's my job in the morning) we need the Salad Dressing, Cheese, Peanut Butter and other good Q's this month! I know that I had to spend some cash to buy 8 copies, but I am going to keep a running total of the savings from the Q's on my blog...

Dr. Mom said...

I took your advice and bought 5, and I am so glad I did! I have already used enough to make up the cost of the magazine plus some. Thanks!

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