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HOT new CVS $2/$10 !!!!!!

Whoo-hoooo!!!!!!!! Click HERE
The coupon is on page 30 & does not expire until September 28th!
Thanks to Deal Seaking Mom for sharing this!!!

If you are new to CVSing, these coupons are highly saught after because they can really reduce your out of pocket spending. When you have these coupons, split up your purchases into smaller ones. You want to try to get your total just over $10 (for this coupon). Depending on what you are buying and the coupons you are using, you may need to go over a bit more so you won't be negative on your total. CVS will not give an overage. In that case, you buy what we call filler items, candy / gum/ anything you may need that doesn't cost very much to get the purchase total to where you owe something. Even if it is one cent (which happens a lot!).


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