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Tipster Tuesday

Today I want to share with you one of my time saving cleaning tips. I was in the store a while back looking around at all the cool cleaning gadgets they had on the shelf. They had all sorts of pretty gloves, sponges, wipes for 100 different things (ok, well maybe 99). I saw one that really caught my eye though, a battery operated oscillating scrubber! It was gray & orange but I don't recall the brand name, I just remember thinking, that is a bigger, more expensive version of my FREE (after sales & coupons) power toothbrushes!

All of you CVS'ers I'm sure have a few extra power toothbrushes in your stockpile. So, what I suggest you do with one of them, is to put it with your cleaning supplies. I have used mine for everything and they work like a charm at getting dirt out of super small places. I love to use it on the tile grout, it gets really dingy, especially after the rain, with the doggies coming in & out. Now, I wont tackle the entire floor with my toothbrush, but for maintenance & touch-ups, it's perfect. It's also great for detailed cleaning jobs, like the dishwasher & oven dials, or around sink handles.

Hope that helps!


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