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Walmart Paid me to take this!!!

Powerade 32 oz x 4 = $2.40 (they were on sale @ .60 each)
Kraft 12 oz Singles x 3 = $7.50
Old Spice body wash-travel size x 3 = $2.91
Gillette body wash -travel size x 8 = $6.32
Kool-aid x 6 = $1.20
1 Candy (My son was with me!) = .58

Total = $20.91

8 x $1.00 off Gillette
3 x $1.00 off Old Spice
3 x Free cheese when you buy 2 Koolaids (from parade magazine)
4 x .75 off Powerade

Total = They paid me 0.59

It was a great Walmart day!!


Ryan and Amy said...

Do they actually give you money, or do they call it even? Did you buy other items that this credit was applied to? How does it work? I sometimes have a hard time getting the cashier to give me the overages. Does this ever happen to you?

Laura said...

They actually gave me back the .59 This is the first time I have been in a situation to receive money back. The cashier had to get approval from a manager, I figured I would have to buy a candy or something so I would owe them something, but no, the manager told her what to push on her keyboard & she handed me the change.

Dr. Mom said...

That is great! What an amazing purchase.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't know you at all. I clicked on your Mr. Linky on MSM, but I am amazed. I'm trying to save tons of money with coupons right now. I just started about a month ago.

So how are you doing this? How do you get so many coupons for the same thing? Eight coupons is a lot. Are you buying them from the paper? Printing them off the net?

Any tips you could give are very helpful for a newbie!

I'm leaving my web address at the bottom if you want to come on over to my site. :)



Laura said...

Thanks Leah,
Each Sunday I buy at least 5 papers. This particular purchase was with newspaper coupons only, though I do print a lot online.

I get coupons from my mother, neighbor, the local library has a swap box too, anyone you know that has not jumped on the frugal train yet, probably wont mind giving you their coupons.

You can check out my first few posts on where to begin & sorting for a few more tips.

Thanks for stopping by & I will be sure to head over to your site to show a little love!

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