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Growing Pains

Well, I guess the inevitable is upon us. By that, I mean Puberty. AGHHHHHHHHHH!!! My oldest son is 11, he'll be 12 in a couple months. It seems impossible that he's going to be 12! I know you moms know what I'm talking about, he's supposed to be my little baby still.

Earlier this month, their school had their 6th grade sex ed program for the students & I was fine with that because they push abstinence. One thing that was a little strange to me was they had the boys & girls in the same class. I always remember being separated into groups. Anyway, at the end of the week long class, my husband sat down with him & had "The Talk". My insides were just in knots over the whole thing. I guarantee you that I had a harder time with it than either of them did. But, it is for sure something that he needs to know about & be educated about the right way, instead of learning things from other kids in school.

So, that was done & I settled down, but a couple days later he was complaining about his right heel hurting. I had just bought him a new pair of shoes & figured he just needed to break them in & get used to them, but it didn't go away & just continued to get worse. To the point that he was walking on the ball of his foot to avoid putting pressure on his heel. Well, yesterday I took him to the doctor & he said that my son has Sever's disease. Which is not really a disease at all, it is pain in the heel caused by the bone growing faster than the muscles & tendons in the foot. He said that it's pretty common in boys from 10-13. The words that hit me like a lightning bolt though was "When Puberty Begins..." Oh no, it's beginning??? Yep. So he went on to tell me to give him Advil & get him some good supportive shoes with heel inserts for added padding. That eventually, his bones & muscles would catch up to each other on their own with time.

Is it just me, do moms usually freak out when this starts? He is my first born, maybe it will be easier the next time, I don't know. I am new to all of this. Prayer will help I know, and with time maybe I'll get better.


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