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A bit about our family

I have decided to make this more of a mom blog too. Sorry, not screamin' deals in this post. I guess the best way to start that is to write a little about the 2 wonderful boys I am a mom to! I’ll write about Josh today.

My first born is Josh, he is 11 & in the 6th grade. Josh was born at a whopping 8 pounds 12 ounces & 21 inches long. He has always been off the height & weight charts for his age. Always. Josh has always been very healthy & excelled in school. He is a hoot too, he is always cracking me up. His passion is football. Not just this time of year either, every day all year long! Sometimes I get frustrated with him because he will ask me some random question about some player from some team that I have no clue about. My answers are always the same, I don’t know honey, sorry. But that doesn’t stop him=) His dream is to go to college at Texas A&M & play for them. His “side” of the room is a maroon & white sprinkles shrine for A&M. He plays football now for a pee-wee league. These kids are not very peewee though. But they can’t play for school until the 7th grade so this gives them a good start.

I was telling you that he is a hoot, he has a very outgoing personality. I am not sure where that came from because I am SHY times 10! I am very glad that he is though. He loves being in the spotlight & making people laugh. He was at a Cub Scout campout one night a couple years ago & they had a gentleman come to sing a folk song & play his banjo. The older scouts had a skit they were supposed to do while he was playing his song, but Josh had other plans. He stood up where he was in the audience & started dancing, not tapping his toe & swaying a little kind of dancing, I’m talking a full on Hoe-down in the row we were sitting in. Within a seconds, he had the crowds attention & less than a minute later, they urged him down to the stage! So, there he was dancing circles around the man singing & the older scouts skit came to a halt & they all just stood & watched. He really stole the show! The next day some of the leaders went around asking some of the kids what their favorite part of the weekend camp was & several of them said “When Josh jumped on stage.” Like I said, I really really don’t know where he gets this, I would have NEVER EVER EVER done this as a kid, teenager or adult! But I am so happy that he is comfortable enough to be able to be so outgoing. I’d give anything to have even a little bit of that!

(Josh is the one on the left, this was their talent show at the end of last school year)

So, now that he is in middle school, he was able to choose his first elective & he chose Theater Arts. Uh-Oh, now he is going to have permission to be on stage! Should be interesting.

I really am wanting to get one of those little flip cameras that are out now so I can make some videos of the kids.
(middle, on stage AGAIN! this time with the High school boys hip hop act)


Dr. Mom said...

He sounds like a ton of fun! I get similar questions from my seven year old, except on the topic of Pokemon. He knows every minute detail and expects me to know it as well. It's nice that they such an interest in something!

ThreadBeaur said...

Sounds like he can make anyone have a good time! Nice story.

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