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Popcorn & Makeup =)

I finally got picked to host a House Party! I am so excited about this!! It is for Orville Redenbacher, Maybelline & Lipstick Jungle.
Here is the deal, you sign up with & apply to host parties for things they are promoting. I signed up with them about 2 months ago & have applied for several parties. This will be the first one I get to host. After you are chosen to host a party, you invite your buddies & you will receive a party box in the mail! I am not sure yet what all will be in this one, I know it will have popcorn, something from Maybelline & a dvd of Lipstick Jungle, so we can get a preview before the season starts on TV.
I guess the key is to apply, apply, apply to any party that you are interested in having. I will keep you updated & post pictures when the box comes in the mail. The party is scheduled for 9/17/08.


quitecontrary1977 said...

i love reading about the new groups you're joining up with. fun!

one frugal lady said...

Sounds like so much fun! I hosted a margaritaville party this summer! It was a blast! Have fun!

Michelle said...

That's awesome! I applied to that one too, but didnt get it. Glad you did though!

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