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Menu Planning Made EZ, really!!

I heard about e-mealz while listening to the Dave Ramsey show. I signed up (use coupon code "DAVE" for a discount)

I just signed up yesterday & am really loving it! It is so easy & for us FruGal's, well we can take it to another level by using our coupons. Go check out their site & see some of the sample menu's they have.

From thir site:
Each plan is only $1.25 per week and represents many hours of planning, price shopping, and recipe testing. All of these plans are designed with your whole family in mind, even the specialty plans created for weight management... and now we have plans for just two people.

Other unique features of E-Mealz meal plans:

The dinner menu is concisely organized in a one-page chart (no long recipes or printing several pages - just one sheet to keep up with in your kitchen!)
No wordy instructions - just to the point and easy to follow at-a-glance (for the harried Mom!)
All the side dishes are included in the menu and grocery list
Grocery list is concisely organized, aisle-by-aisle, in a one-page chart
Includes an extra column for you to add "Other Groceries I Need"
The TOTAL COST of your grocery list is given at the bottom (except for the Any Store plans). We work to keep the grocery total at a $75 average.
Necessary staples are listed and organized by meal #
Want to eliminate a meal? Just cross out each grocery item on the grocery list with that corresponding meal # beside it. (Takes just a minute!)


They have meal plans for

"Any Store"


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very interesting...i'll click by there..

quitecontrary1977 said...

gotcha. i just love your blog layout these days. looks like you've really poured some work into it!

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