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My Total Money Makeover Starts NOW!

I am going to start posting on my personal Total Money Makeover! I am just starting & just got my book today=)

I have been listening to Dave Ramsey & my attitude toward my debt & money in general has totally been transformed. I really feel like I can do this & by keeping track on here too, be vigilant!

Baby Step 1--$1,000 Emergency Fund

Right now I am at $0.00, but I have a couple things on eBay, waiting on $40 from wellness360 to get started. I think I'll work on a sidebar tracker for my progress. This needs to be done first before I start Baby Step 2--The Debt Snowball

Please take my advise on this one, if you are stressing over bills & debt, take 10 minutes and check out If you get Fox Business on your cable, he comes on there at night, 8ish I think (I don't get that channel) but he is also on the radio & you can listen to him online. There IS light at the end of the tunnel, if YOU want to change it, YOU can!!


ThreadBeaur said...

I will check him out! Thanks for the tip. I hope that you are making extra money on some of your ads too!

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