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Proud of my Community!

I live in Central Texas, and I just have to say I am so very proud of the way everyone is helping to care for the folks here from the coast due to Ike. We are still in need of medical folks to help out overnight & money of course, but our public schools are making room for the kiddos! A lot of the families are going to be here for weeks or months. There is no need for them to get behind in their studies, and Texas programs are pretty much the same statewide.

My hope is (besides not getting behind in school) that going to school will give the kids some sort of normalcy & schedule. Even if just for a few hours a day. I also think it is a blessing for the parents, if they need to get paperwork or be on the phone with insurance folks for hours at a time. Just think what it would mean to you being in a new town & not knowing anyone.

It was just heartwarming to read about the generosity of my community. Please keep the families & volunteers in your prayers.
If you can give a dollar or two, please go HERE to donate to The Red Cross


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